Situations Wanted

Executive Assistant – Naples, FL and NYC

Intelligent, loyal professional with global experience
in managing many aspects of a high net worth Family Office
as well as fashion and hedge fund industry professionals.

My resourcefulness
will isolate you from the word
and all of the boring details
that need not be heard
in order to secure
what it is to be accomplished.

Will maintain calendar, scheduling, correspondence,
flight plans, travel, art purchases, philanthropic commitments,
and any other concierge requests.

Versed and culturally savvy
to represent you
with etiquette and dignity.
Email: or 239-732-9090


New York Social Diary
Classifieds, February 13, 2009




~ by eaesthete on 06/05/09.

2 Responses to “Situations Wanted”

  1. What struck me about this ad was the kind of sign language that passes between applicant and employer. This individual knows his or her clients pretty well and you just imagine them to be short tempered, pampered, privileged with a sense of entitlement that denies them nothing. They represent themselves as an executive assistant slash guard dog with fangs and manners.

  2. Hilarious. And made all the more so by its earnestness.

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