The Blues


On a day in search of soothing blues to quell my own I went into the archives of Architectural Digest to discover this eye-popping bouquet of brilliant blue Himalayan poppies. For a bit of musing enticement, it might interest readers to know these beauties adorn the grounds of Attadale, a 32,000-acre estate in the Scottish Highlands. The estate has an 18th-century manor house and a mix of old and new gardens added by the current owners, Ewen and Nicky Macpherson. AD: April 2006.


Next, I came across this lusciously whimsical animal-and-winged-creature pattern entitled Java Jungle, available at Lee Jofa, which is based on a traditional Japanese batik and is now printed on union cloth. AD: March 2008


Good Day Sunshine is a printed linen in the Schumacher Modern Collection that comes in black and white, flamingo, and this ‘easy on the eyes’ spring and china blue. AD: June 2008


And finally, a blue gazer’s fantasy is to be found in this one-bedroom “escape hatch” on Park Avenue designed by Geoffrey Bradfield, who wanted “a dream-like atmosphere.” Thus, he created a nirvana, covering the walls with blowups of liveried attendants from Tiepolo’s Departure of the Gondola. The delectable blue-glass dog sculpture is by Jeff Koons, the bed upholstery fabric is part of the Clarence House collectiion and the carpet, compliments of Stark. AD: September 2008.


This last minute edition is intended to offset my egregious faux pas in relying on what is apparently the much maligned Architectural Digest. Dear Mrs. Blandings, my most capable guide in matters of furnishings was kind enough to alert me. Thus, I am including this Antique French Daybed upholstered in Paris Indigo Les Indiennes fabric, which I’m hoping will meet the approval of decorative devotees.




~ by eaesthete on 05/31/09.

3 Responses to “The Blues”

  1. This makes me feel bad about mocking AD constantly. Also, the Koons puppy cavorting through the Night at the Museum II is a delight.

    • Der Mrs. Blandings, thank you for telling me so — AD being the object of derision I mean. I feel certain I will be mocked by those “in the know” for my bad form, but I take your comment to indicate a bit of a softening on your position re: AD and as for me, perhaps a pass on my complete and total ignorance.

  2. Not ignorance in the least – a lack of prejudice. Look at all the wonderful images you found! Look at all the fun I missed!

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