As a picture of pure enjoyment Young Girl Stretched Out On A Bench is difficult to equal and I would not have given it a second look had I not been reading The Guardian Angel at Adventures In The Print Trade. Carl Larsson, a purveyor of sentimentality I would have said.

The deliciousness of the scene is the first thing to appreciate. The utter relaxation of the little dachshund lying along her side, as the young woman reads the paper and cradles the cat, seems pictorially uncontrived. The tree offers protection from the sun just as it frames the scene, arcing toward the red pillow that has obviously been upended into its most comfortable position.

Only enumerate the feast of diagonals here. The green of the bench is counterpoised by the multi-colored cushion underneath her, complete with candy-striped fringe. The red stripes at the top of the blanket join with the red printed cushion to frame the young woman in her green and white striped dress. To put all this into words makes it sound busy and stiff, which it is not. Carl Larsson’s masterpiece, I think.



Carl Olaf Larsson – Young Woman Stretched Out On A Bench, 1913, Louvre Museum, Paris.

Thanks to The Blue Lantern




~ by eaesthete on 05/26/09.

2 Responses to “Bliss”

  1. I love Larsson’s work. His stuff on his family (8 kids) is beautiful.

  2. My favorite artist. What a beautiful, unique home they created.

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