Another Lost Art

Maybe its the rush of the times, the loneliness of an andrenalized and indifferent society or the poverty of attention (see yesterday’s post), but a practice I continue to love to this day is the art of reading aloud:

Reading aloud recaptures the physicality of words. To read with your lungs and diaphragm, with your tongue and lips, is very different than reading with your eyes alone. The language becomes a part of the body, which is why there is always a curious tenderness, almost an erotic quality, in those 18th- and 19th-century literary scenes where a book is being read aloud in mixed company. The words are not mere words. They are the breath and mind, perhaps even the soul, of the person who is reading.


New York Times




~ by eaesthete on 05/22/09.

One Response to “Another Lost Art”

  1. how true .. it is a lost art. From one that has read to children. (an amazing learning tool also)

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