Romancing the Rails


Since its establishment in 1989, Rovos Rail, dubbed the “most luxurious train in the world” has earned an international reputation for its truly world class travel experiences. It doesn’t take a foreign diplomat or seasoned jet setter to understand why.

Style, class and refinement are evident upon your first adventurous step aboard the immaculately polished wood paneled coaches, classics remodeled and refurbished to mint condition. You need think no further than seating your travel weary soul into plush dining booths for five-star cuisine, while setting your sights on some of the most lush scenery imaginable as it unfolds beyond your window.

While many scoff at the updated, and dare I say, second-rate imitations intended to recreate the past, Rovos has truly managed to recapture the romance and atmosphere of a bygone era by implementing true-to-form artifacts of the originals, when privileged travelers experienced the magic and mystery of Africa in relaxed and elegant fashion.

The trains – which may be hauled by steam, diesel or electric locomotives at various stages of the journey – carry a maximum of seventy-two passengers, or what I’d consider a cozy little coterie, in 36 opulently appointed suites. The perfect number on a luxury liner speeding through the night where guests can quietly and comfortably mingle while conversation remains hushed and glances inquiring, but friendly.

Pride of place in the Rovos stable goes to the historic and newly rebuilt Capital Park Station and locomotive yard, which is the heart and new headquarters of this private railway company.


Rovos Rail




~ by eaesthete on 05/12/09.

2 Responses to “Romancing the Rails”

  1. Is Rovos Rail a new version of the Blue Train which ran from Pretoria to Cape Town? Been on trains all over the world – it was the best.
    Don’t hold this against me, I’m a friend of (what the hell is his name?) your brother.

    • Philip,

      Thanks for the information on the catalog. Personally speaking, NYC is out of my neighborhood.

      How nice of you to stop by! I don’t know the answer to your question (did you go to their site?),
      nor have I been fortunate enough to ride the Rovos Rail myself although until I can schedule passage
      of my own, my imagination will have to fill in the blanks. Thanks very much for commenting.

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