The Divine Mrs. V


Diana Vreeland and Mannequin in Balenciaga, New York, 1973. Photo: Harry Benson

The legendary editor of Vogue magazine and reigning tastemaster of her day was the incontestable fashion icon Diana Vreeland who lived large and lavishly in an apartment on Park Avenue where she held court in a bloodred dining/drawing room decorated by the dean of indigenous decorators Billy Baldwin (he hated to be called an interior designer) to resemble what she affectionately termed “a garden from Hell.”

Here sat Vreeland, with her black lacquered hair, invariably adorned in “pants” and pullover, with sharp jewelry, her vodka glass in one hand, her cigarette in a holder in the other, contemplating the world and expressing her opinions in her unique idiom. She was famed for her epigrams, once declaring “These girls … If they’ve got long arms, long legs and a long neck, everything else kind of falls into place.”




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