A cheerfully inebriated political reporter

is holding forth in the French ambassador’s residence

about the optimal approach to celebrities.

We’re in the back of the lavish Kalorama manse,

where every room on the first floor

seems to be a space for entertaining,

the high ceilings, oriental rugs

and busts of Gallic statesmen

giving off a distinct Eyes Wide Shut vibe.


The key to the celebrity encounter,

the expansive gent explains,

is not to give a s***:

“When a celebrity meets you,

it’s completely meaningless.

They have to put up with admiring strangers all the time.

So why worry about the impression you make?

It’s oddly liberating, really.”


Bloomberg-Vanity Fair afterparty
White House Correspondents Dinner




~ by eaesthete on 05/11/09.

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