Tubular Belles


Tamara de Lempicka’s Art Deco portraits are known for mixing “lighting by Caravaggio, tubism by Fernand Léger and lipstick by Chanel,” and for radiating bisexual power.

Born, most likely, in Moscow in 1895 (though she liked to say it was Poland in 1902) to a wealthy family that emigrated, before the second world war, first to Paris, and then to California and New York, de Lempicka was glamorous, spoiled, demanding and bisexual. All of those attributes emerged in her painting. Personally speaking, I’d say the thrust of that powerful inner thigh in the painting “The Duchess” (below) more than adequately supports the claim.

Art.view anticipates a sale of her work at Sotheby’s …



The Economist




~ by eaesthete on 05/01/09.

3 Responses to “Tubular Belles”

  1. Reminds me a smidge of R. Kenton Nelson.

  2. Just read that one of hers was snatched from a museum in Holland (?) At least the thieves can claim to have good taste. I’d love to have someone paint me as she did the Count d’ …

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