Though I haven’t gone back into the archives,

I think I can confidently say that last night

was the first time the word “enchanted”

was used in the White House

since Nancy Reagan tried talking her astrologer

into “enchanting” the Sandinistas

into laying down their arms.

But it was President Obama

who did most of the enchanting last night.


~Daily Beast
on Obama’s 100 Days Press Conference




~ by eaesthete on 04/30/09.

One Response to “Overheard”

  1. With the slightest bit of doubt that I may well incur the wrath of those who feel my choice of the liberally biased NY Times reporter, who predictably lobbed a soft ball to the president last night in his 100-day press conference, at a time when journalists are being pressured to pose the rigorously diligent “hard questions,” I humbly proffer the following in my defense: I’ve always thought the word “enchanted” to be perfectly agreeable, lovely in fact, in meaning, usage and all it implies, particularly when used in a staid and unimaginative forum that witnesses so precious little of it.

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