Swoon Worthy



These illustrations symbolize an era in fashion, before photography was the chosen medium, that is somehow more romance than sex, more glamour than fame, more Madison Ave than Soho.

The Line of Fashion an exhibit of great fashion illustration over the years, is on display this month at Society of Illustrators in NYC.

UPDATE: By popular request, Swoon Worthy II.


Cloud Out Loud


~ by eaesthete on 04/24/09.

16 Responses to “Swoon Worthy”

  1. I got into design illustration because of images like this. These idealized figures, called a “croquis” measures nine to ten heads high, whereas an average human being is generally seven to eight heads high. I think it was the elongation of the human form that completely swayed me to pursue this as a career.

    • what is the difference between the degree in illustration and drawing?

    • sorry to ask u to many questions, but I’m planing to become an illustrator as well.
      can u please let me know of what u do with design illustration as a career. and y do u use word design not just illustration.

      • Fatima,

        If you are seriously interested in pursuing this as a career, I would suggest you research the
        field through an accredited institution. EA merely showcases the work of
        illustrators. Good luck!

  2. thank you for the heads up! this is a must see. looks fantastic. cheers, -paul

  3. Hi,
    I really love your site, and all the pictures.
    Are you an artist?

    • An artist? Regretfully, no, not formally trained.
      But blessed with a good eye and a love of
      aesthetics. Thank you for your post and kind words.

  4. do u know the name of the artist of those top fashion pieces.

  5. hello,
    i am looking for someone who can do some fashion illustrations for my new website. if you are interested please email me at web123@bellsouth.net

  6. its amaaaizing paint >>
    i was in ramberand galary tonigt in oman muscut it was wonderfull

  7. I love your post. Every display showcased the deep artistic nature of the artist. I would love to use one of the picture you have displayed above can i have your permission to use it on my website?. Well love your page. keep up the good work

  8. You DO have a beautiful & well designed/written web log. It struck me that someone was actually looking at old black n whites-(gee-I moss film…) & had something to say.I -as an artist-(started w/ illustration…)-was always interested in what illustrators like Brad Holland had to say-& I felt a great loss when the home p.c. turned design into ‘just another ‘mater pickin’ gig’….?
    In the end tho-it’s how we are sometimes forced to press on….definately never done learning…never quite having ‘arrived’…Mark Partington/artist/ temp_mwp@yahoo.com

  9. Show all!

  10. very good…

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