Post Grandeur


The blighted saga of the country’s preoccupation with two down-on-their-luck socialites continues. (It’s impossible to get the original Maysel’s documentary from Netflix). Perhaps, the idea of total ruin for many isn’t as distant as once it seemed.

Two years after Big Edie died in 1977, Little Edie sold the house to journalist Sally Quinn and her husband, former Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee, who undertook a massive renovation. These photographs, never before seen, were taken by a photographer hired by the couple at the time they purchased the house for the paltry sum of $220,000.

When Ms. Quinn touched a key on this piano in the living room, the whole thing collapsed and fell through the floor. Nevertheless, she fell in love with the house as soon as she walked through the door. (Bradlee, on the other hand, was a bit more reluctant, put off by the corpses of 52 cats).

“There’s something magical about this house.
You couldn’t walk into it
without putting a handkerchief over your nose,
but I thought it was just beautiful.
It just absolutely gripped me.”

Today, the home is a summer residence for Ms. Quinn and Mr. Bradlee and has become a destination that guests routinely describe as “magical.”






~ by eaesthete on 04/24/09.

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