With This Ring …

With most of us lamenting the parlous state of the economy in general and our own dwindling fortunes in particular, we can all draw comfort in knowing psychiatrists the world over are minding the marital front as we squander away what remains of connubial bliss in the twenty-first century. A sad and sorry picture indeed.

From Shrink Talk’s “Why Marriages Fail,” to the commendably readable The Last Psychiatrist’s “Post-Marriage Accelerators of Divorce” it appears there are certain undeniable hazards lurking between the happy twosome’s 400-thread-count sheets. We are a quarrelsome bunch, no?

Psychiatry being what it is, the prognosticators of harmonious certitude have posited certain divination methods or a list of divorce-inducing preventables to keep you from alienating your spouse, disenfranchising your children, divvying up the estate, or swanning off to Mexico.

  • Be contemptuous
  • Bring your work home (emotionally)
  • Rush through your ‘family life’ in order to spend time with yourself
  • Be painfully honest with friends/colleagues about your relationship
  • Communicate through your kids
  • Refill hedonistic supplies (”look elsewhere for affirmation of identity”)


Via The Lone Gunman




~ by eaesthete on 04/18/09.

One Response to “With This Ring …”

  1. Wickedly funny but oh so true. Guilty as charged on all counts.
    Can this marriage be saved?

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