Bygone Glamour


31st December 1952: From left to right, Slim Hawks (nee Nancy Gross, former wife of director Howard Hawks) chatting with Vogue editor Diana Vreeland and her husband Reed at Kitty Miller’s New Year’s Eve party, Park Avenue, New York. Photograph: Slim Aarons


Kings of Hollywood. Film stars (left to right) Clark Gable, Van Heflin, Gary Cooper and James Stewart enjoy a joke at a New Year’s party at Romanoff’s in Beverly Hills. Photographer: Slim Aarons, 1957





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6 Responses to “Bygone Glamour”

  1. Oh, how I am hunting for a vintage dress or two. The selection on line is impressive, but how to tell about quality and condition. Keith is simply stunning.

    • Mrs. Blandings,

      I share your concern. Vintage online is, at best, a most daunting dilemma for the very reasons you cite. I myself am a vintage hoarder and can recommend
      two very excellent shops in LA that I used to frequent in my time there — Clothes Heaven in Pasadena and It’s a Wrap in Burbank. Both have online sites (not especially well done) and Clothes Heaven does auction on Ebay from my understanding. It’s a Wrap gets its merchandise from the wardrobe departments of
      television series (I bought the most wonderful pair of riding boots there years ago for around $30). In the case of Clothes Heaven, the collection again comes
      from the quietly entitled — all designer and usually in wonderful condition.

  2. Sorry, who’s Keith?
    I love Gary Cooper. Too bad Alec Baldwin got so big, he had possiblities.

    • Slim “Keith” was a prominent socialite and the most sought after woman of her time
      rendering her multiple surnames — Nancy “Slim” Gross Hawks Hayward Keith.

  3. Slim Keith wrote a fantastic biography, Slim: Memories of a Rich and Imperfect Life, which is not to be missed.

    Love these two photos.

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