The Bush Six

About a year ago, a book came out in England that made a fascinating prediction: at some point in the future, the author wrote, six top officials in the Bush Administration would get a tap on the shoulder announcing that they were being arrested on international charges of torture.


New Yorker




~ by eaesthete on 04/06/09.

2 Responses to “The Bush Six”

  1. Repeating conspiracy stories such as this is tacky and trashy. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing or attractive or intriguing about fomenting hate and perpetuating lies about a man who freed an entire country and made it possible for girls to attend school and women to lead a half-way normal life. President Bush is a hero to the families who lost loved ones under the vile rule of Sadaam Hussein, the butcher. How many countries have you freed? How many countries has Spain freed?

    • With all due respect, the New Yorker (a highly credentialed periodical
      not prone to conspiracy) provided an article based on well documented
      accounts from several independent sources outlining this country’s troubling
      policies in regard to torture. It did not resort to vitriol or harsh analysis in
      presenting its case, but profiled one individual who felt strongly that the
      methods used in interrogation bore closer scrutiny.

      Whatever your views on the former president, it would appear
      that it is in this nation’s interest to conduct an investigation
      into the mounting evidence that as a country, moreover, a democracy,
      we investigate the possibilities of our own culpability to determine if,
      in fact, we were in violation of our code of law and ethics.
      own code of law and ethics.

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