My Favorite Things About the Recession

For the time being, I take comfort that the destruction of the financial system as we know it might be a character-building experience. If it’s anything like Studs Terkel’s description of the Depression, this crisis will bring everybody together to learn to appreciate and value all that they have. Just as a high tide raises all ships, a low drought will probably sink most yachts and maybe teach those fat cats on Wall Street a thing or two about the indomitability of the human spirit.

Crass consumerism will be a thing of the past and generally unaffordable. A corrupt financial system will be destroyed, and we will return to a post-industrial agrarian society that sits around the fireplace singing “Kumbaya” whether we like it or not. It will be a humbling experience that keeps me comforted when I might have to work three separate minimum-wage jobs to account for the triple-digit Zimbabwean inflation that could be right around the corner.

—Llewellyn Hinkes


The Morning News




~ by eaesthete on 04/06/09.

One Response to “My Favorite Things About the Recession”

  1. i agree. i think that there needs to be a leveling off and a return to what’s real in the world.

    as always, an excellent post.

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