Maurice Jarre 1924 – 2009

One of the most majestic and prolific composers of this generation has died. French composer Maurice Jarre died Sunday in Los Angeles at 84, after a losing bout with cancer. Jarre wrote the scores for more than 150 features, but he’ll always be associated with director David Lean, as much as Bernard Herrmann is with Alfred Hitchcock or John Williams with Steven Spielberg.

Jarre won his first Academy Award in 1963 for his grand, sweeping score for Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. He repeated the feat in 1966 with his lush, Russian-balalaika-infused score for Doctor Zhivago and took the gong for the third time in 1985 for A Passage to India.

“Film composers often are in the shadows of great directors and acting stars. It’s different with Maurice Jarre – the music of Doctor Zhivago, like much of his work, is world-famous and remains unforgettable in cinema history.”




~ by eaesthete on 03/30/09.

One Response to “Maurice Jarre 1924 – 2009”

  1. Thank you for drawing our attention to the passing of Maurice Jarre. His legacy is indeed impressive. Other than the three Oscar wins for his epic movies, I didn’t know until now that he was the composer in some of my favorite smaller films like Witness, Dead Poets Society and No Way Out. Coincidentally, I just finished watching Sunshine on DVD tonight, another epic which is graced by the music of MJ.

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