Earth Hour


Tonight give back to mother earth by turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30 PM local time, wherever you live on the planet. Saturday, 28 March, 2009. Details. Image: Iconocast. Lights Out Photos from around the world thus far.




~ by eaesthete on 03/28/09.

3 Responses to “Earth Hour”

  1. I really like this blog, but THAT is perhaps the most myopic view I’ve ever seen expressed. It’s like expecting that you can influence the ozone layer by holding your breath for a minute. You realize that a person consumes more energy by accessing and reading this blog than you would by turning off lights for an hour? It would seem that if we were serious about this effort, that we would terminate this blog.

    • Sean,

      Thank you for responding and while mention of earth hour may seem myopic and even counterproductive for that matter, I have a belief, perhaps naively, that people are what they repeatedly do. In other words, if something is ingrained enough to become a habit, in this case, turning off the lights, despite the fact that you’re learning about it from a source that more than rivals it in energy consumption you, nevertheless, are creating an awareness for the greater good.

      If you continue reminding people, for example, to recycle, they may one day do it unconsciously adopting it as habit. If you remind people not to throw trash indiscriminately on the highways, shame or penalties could eventually prohibit the practice. Several years ago, I was visiting friends in Santa Barbara and we decided to take a stroll accompanied by their two small children who were each carrying a cloth satchel so they might pick up the debris others had carelessly tossed to the ground. I remember thinking at the time how smart their parents were in giving them a task that they, obviously, enjoyed while simultaneously educating them in developing a responsible and worthy habit.

      The idea to turn off your lights for one hour one day a year might remind one that their entire house is ablaze in lights, unnecessarily, and prompt a conscious choice that otherwise may have gone overlooked. The whole idea of bringing attention to something is in order to cultivate new ways of looking at it, thinking about it or, at the very least, noticing it in the first place.

  2. Errant Aesthete,

    I have kids and I have to agree with you on teaching responsible choices. My kids were thrilled last night over the idea of sitting in the dark for an hour. We lit candles, made popcorn, giggled a lot, and did spend some time talking about doing good things for the planet. I’d like to think I will be sending them into the world as more responsible citizens than they might otherwise be.

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