The Artful Put Down



The Sartorialist is a wonderful site where snap shooters photograph ordinary citizens in all their sartorial splendor in cities throughout the world. Once published, comments abound, dissecting and discussing the stylishly impeccable and the hopelessly clueless. While most subjects are never identified and remain comfortably unknown, an occasional “celebrity” will cross the lens.

In this case, Karl Lagerfield and his muse, Lady Amanda Harlech, Milan, 2007. A few random comments with the emphasis on Sartorial Snark. (My apologies to Lagerfield’s legions of fans).


“…the first if not the most refined thought that popped into my head when I saw this was ‘Enough with the boto and the hair dye and grotesque pouting. Both of you.”


“They both look like robots – and that doesn’t really work when the sun is shining. I’m sort of surprised to see them in daylight!”


“Karl is the fashion world equivalent of Michael Jackson – an extraordinary talent with a complete lack of awareness of themselves and the world beyond their sycophant-supported bubble.”


“The set of her lips is downright frightening. … No regular woman can purse her lips that way or arch her eyebrows to such Olympic levels. Maybe these are skills worthy of a muse’s remuneration, I don’t know.”


“I still can’t believe you got that close to Lagerfeld. Are you okay? He scares the hell out of me; you are my hero.”




~ by eaesthete on 03/25/09.

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