Un Toast à Bon Marché du Vin


Why is it that haste, mediocrity, gimmicks, thoughtlessness and bloated bailouts are suddenly looking gauche, excessive and so very yesterday? Austerity, simplicity and basic quality are enjoying a resurgence that is refreshingly uncommon. Who among us can not honestly applaud this new consciousness of simplicity? (Spoiler: the ostentatious may choose this moment to slink away).

It is in these times that previously unsung heroes are emerging simply for knowing things before the rest of us. Crusaders who not only preached the principles of parsimony, but had the undeniable belief that goodness needn’t be opulent, showy or expensive. Their wisdom was in the richness of the spectacularly humble.

One such visionary is wine steward Kermit Lynch who has been preaching the sermon of simplicity over prestige since opening his shop in Berkeley, California in 1972. Everything you need to know about the man can be witnessed in this unassuming photo of him emerging from his wine cellar, while everything you need to know about fine tasting wines that are cheap, but not cheap tasting, can be found below.



The Moment




~ by eaesthete on 03/24/09.

2 Responses to “Un Toast à Bon Marché du Vin”

  1. I love prosecco and I know I’ve found the perfect choice. When Lynch said he spent years in search of one of the most affordable on the market… thank you!!!

  2. cool stuff i hope i get to read more updates

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