Sushi Savvy

Pardon me, Sir/Madame, but your sushi manners are atrocious.

Servers cringe when you unwrap your chopsticks and rub them together vigorously like some demented carpenter with a splinter phobia. Chefs weep when you pick up delicately seasoned bundles of nigiri with chopsticks and dip them rice-side down into an overflowing dish of soy sauce, the colour of which approximates the Don River owing to runoff from vast amounts of wasabi.

It’s not your fault. (Oh thank you wise one). The finer points of sushi etiquette or how to wield those chopsticks with confidence.


The Star




~ by eaesthete on 03/20/09.

One Response to “Sushi Savvy”

  1. I can’t even begin to tell of the countless infractions I have committed in the name of sushi. As soon as I read about rubbing the sticks together like a demented carpenter, I knew they must have seen me somewhere in a restaurant. So typically American of us, isn’t it? We immediately take up another culture’s cuisine with nary a thought as to the proper way of eating it. So invaluable this post. Who knew?

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