View from the Recession


“I can’t break back into the newspaper business,

even with a stellar resume.

We have basically stopped spending money

on non-essentials,

and we may soon have to shut off the Internet.

But, as the saying goes,

we still have each other,

and in a way that we might not have

if not for the economy cratering.”


Daily Dish




~ by eaesthete on 03/16/09.

2 Responses to “View from the Recession”

  1. I read the last one of these “views” you posted a few weeks ago and both of these stories were riveting. There’s a certain consciousness I think that’s coming out of these times and a lot of it is generational.
    The first one was written by someone who was older, realizing in hindsight that he had taken the right path in living his life in an unconventional way. This post is from someone in their late 20’s who was raised with an entirely different philosophy. To compare and contrast their own individual experiences was fascinating. Thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed this feature. There is real truth to the tales of hardship and hope. I always enjoyed the “human interest” stories that Studs Terkel
      covered during the Depression. If you’re interested, I would strongly recommend his book “Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression.”

      This story out of the book was told by failed presidential candidate Alf M. Landon, who recalled what it was like to be governor of Kansas in 1933:

      “Men with tears in their eyes begged for an appointment that would help save their homes and farms. I couldn’t see them all in my office. But I never let one of them leave without my coming out and shakin’ hands with ’em. I listened to all their stories, each one of ’em. But it was obvious I couldn’t take care of all their terrible needs.”

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