Post Wisdom


Emily Post by Miguel Covarrubias (Vanity Fair, December 1933)

Maxims on Conversation:

Don’t pretend to know more than you do.
To say you have read a book
and then seemingly to understand nothing of what you have read,
proves you a half-wit.

Only the very small mind hesitates to say
“I don’t know.”




~ by eaesthete on 03/10/09.

4 Responses to “Post Wisdom”

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the summers I spent on the Cape reading my grandmother’s well worn copy of Emily Post. She was not only the leading lady of the day in etiquette, but terrifically witty and wise. i so enjoyed reading her.

    • Melanie,

      I’ve also been partial to Emily Post for the reasons you cite. She had the most unique sense of droll mockery that I would reread passages, hoping to somehow imitate her unassailable style. In any event, I’m planning on including her often with this new feature “Post Wisdom.” Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Oh please, can you make your font larger…I love coming here but struggle so read the small type…and I have 20/20 vision

    • Duly noted. Actually, it was a stylistic change. I guess after all that squinting, it’s a bit of a shock.
      Hope it won’t discourage you.

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