Bloomful Dining


There is nothing more beautiful and elegant to set off a room and a table arrangement than a floral centerpiece composed of a variety of blooms working in perfect harmony. It provides such a masterful piece of staging that attitudes and appetites seem to lift in a kind of appreciative agreement in the presence of such exuberance.

Floral designer Jane Packer is known for arrangements that are rooted in simplicity but never stiff or staid and this elegant creation in pink and gray proves no exception; pink celebrating the onset of Spring, gray marking the passage of winter. Best of all, there is an accompanying sideshow illustrating exactly what you need to know in creating the seemingly impossible. Imagine how flowerly you’ll feel.

From Jane Packer’s Guide to Flower Arranging.

6 stems pink lisianthus
2 giant pink proteas
7 smaller proteas
7 ornamental cabbage heads, dyed pink
10 stems gray brodiaea foliage
Floral foam
Florists’ tape





~ by eaesthete on 03/09/09.

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