Bad Tidings: The Brand Graveyard

I consistently and quite deliberately avoid veering towards reality in these terrifying times. Particularly, when I receive posts like this, written a few days ago, by a reader:


“Whenever I need a rest
from all the ugliness and all the noise
I pay a visit to The Errant Aesthete,
a blog so delightful,
intelligent and perfectly unnecessary
it’s like chocolate for the eyes –


But alas, the ugliness encroaches. A macabre new site at The Brand Graveyard:


“We had a beautiful thing here,” our editor, John Temple, told us as we huddled around the news desk on Thursday, 230 writers, editors and photographers about to be jobless in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

“I am sick we have to be here,” said Mark Contreras, whose job for E.W. Scripps Co. is apparently shutting down newspapers.

“Not as sick as we are,” said one reporter, sotto voce.

“This was one of the best newspapers in America,” Contreras said, and the ‘was’ made our breakup complete.





~ by eaesthete on 03/04/09.

3 Responses to “Bad Tidings: The Brand Graveyard”

  1. I am flattered. My humble prose making its way to such an outstanding site…
    I remain as enchantée as always by the beauty.

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