I love questions that probe with answers that inspire and being the literary type, this inquiry by Lucy Foley of Clusterflock completely captivated me:

Which dead Irish writer would you like to have gotten shy and naked with? Votes and reasons, please.

Response from Raynor:

shy with: flann

naked with: iris

naked and shy with: oscar wilde

Personally speaking, I think an assignation with Oscar was better rendered fully clothed and scintillatingly sarcastic.

I had a yearning for Yeats and was always taken with Joyce’s declaration of the “soft sweet swoon of sin,” which forever more fueled my imagination. Anyone else with a thing for the Irish?



~ by eaesthete on 01/30/09.

2 Responses to “Afterword”

  1. I’ve heard it said that Flann O’Brien was very shy himself, so with all that shy it’s doubtful there’d be
    any naked going on.

  2. I’ve always had a thing for Edna O’Brien. It may have had something to do with her red hair; then again, her books were considered indecent in their day so maybe the same could be said of her.

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