The Beatles Backwards

For Beatle aficionados — a ranking of all the songs by The Beatles, from No. 185 (Revolution 9) to No. 1 (A Day In The Life) that is certain to spark endless debate, ferocious bickering and general disagreement. It’s rather wonderful that these many years later, their music still inspires and incites. A wonderful trip down memory lane with thoughtful, spot on commentary (albeit the opinion of one).

To novice Beatles fans, I warn you not to believe the hype about “Revolution 9.” I’ve listened to it many times over the years, waiting for the light in my head to switch on so I could unlock its mysteries. All I’ve ever gotten out of it is the vague feeling that immediately after listening to it, something is going to rise out from under my bed and butcher me in my sleep.

Each selection is extensively annotated and defended and, this being the internet, categorically rebuked. Start here



~ by eaesthete on 01/23/09.

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