Media Alert

You’re not going to want to miss George W. Bush’s final farewell to the nation tonight (8 PM EST) as he reminds us all of how much better off and infinitely safer we are for him having been here. Way to go W! And if it didn’t turn out to be what he had hoped and/or expected, well, it was the democrats, the times, the liberals, the elites, Saddam, Bin Laden and bad intelligence that’s to blame.



~ by eaesthete on 01/15/09.

One Response to “Media Alert”

  1. ..and how ironic was it that the commander in chief was upstaged by a plane “wreck?” I say “wreck,” because it really wasn’t a wreck in the true meaning of the word. But rather a plane “ditching” into the Hudson River. From a commander that brought all on board in for a safe landing. From a commander that knew his job. Unlike our current president. Thank God, we’re into hours now until the currnet one leaves office.

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