Graham Nash, Photographer


Graham Nash
Hiroshima, Japan, 1987

After achieving musical success with David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Neil Young, Graham Nash avidly began collecting photography. After building one of the most important collections in private hands, Nash sold it at auction to start Nash Editions—the first fine-art digital printmaking studio in the world.

He began exhibiting his own work in 1990, and later, one hundred and fifty of his photographs were published in Eye to Eye: Photographs by Graham Nash (Steidl, 2004). Many of these photographs were taken while Graham was traveling on tour. Hiroshima, Japan, 1987—included in his monograph—typifies what Nash describes as his process:

“I love not knowing what’s ready to greet me. It’s about the hunt. It’s out there. I just have to find it. At times I put myself in a space to catch images, at others I’m just trying to deal with all the images swirling around me in this chaotic world. Invariably, I find something that I recognize as having value to me, and hopefully for others.” This image of a found object echoes the hopefulness of Nash’s point of view: “There really is a kind of insane beauty around us all the time. It’s just a question of learning to slow down, take a deep breath and meet the moment.”




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4 Responses to “Graham Nash, Photographer”

  1. We did a morning show in the city in the early 90’s. yourself and photography and I w/ sand sculpture. “Mornings on 2”, I think it was.)
    Anyway, I’m an sbcc student (art major, multimedia, digital imaging,…yes, photography. I sent an E-nquiry some years ago, inquiring as to shots you took that day. Do you remember me?
    I appreciated your work even then and sand sculpture being just a day job (my real stuff being painting, letraset, imaging of any description, murals), then I discovered Photoshop (Ps), and went back to school on the dole.
    I’m now, as I mentioned, majoring in art (having gone through recovery), with a bent toward multimedia. I’ve successfully concluded Digital Imaging 1, Photo 1 and basic ART req’s. This summer I,m taking graphic design/photography and fine art photography online(for credit). I’m tanking in web design 1 (I’ll take it again), but doing great in the other classes.
    Can I inquire if you got any good shots of that sand piece I did at the volleyball green along Marina Blvd that day?
    Not Important! I would like to send you some attachments (recent work) for your input, (you’re a pioneer of digital)
    Scott B. Dosch

    • Scott,

      While it’s possible that Mr. Nash may see your post here, I would suggest
      that you google him to determine if there’s a more direct approach to
      eliciting a response. He may have a site of his own listing contact information.

      Good luck!

  2. A few years ago my wife bought a wooden photographer’s sink from someone in Berkeley, Ca. The owner said that it had been owned and used by Mr. Nash. Is that a likely possibility?

    • A very likely one. The fact that it turned up in Berkeley, CA and it was a wooden photographer’s sink
      catering to Nash’s passion and interest in photography, it’s practically a given.

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