Get Thee to the Inauguration

While economists continue to think of the financially challenged, or poor if you prefer, as “liquidity constrained agents” the entrepreneurial and progressive among us are adopting the new modesty with vigor and verve. Of course, it is somewhat ironic, don’t you think, that rental prices for inauguration 2009 are being governed by the free-market principles championed by the Bush Administration? Nevertheless, there are deals to be made on that sacrosanct model of free enterprise – Craigs List – that are ostentatious free (translation: no $25,000 deposits or a chauffeur, a chef and a masseuse.) Six of the best:

$200 per person per night
Camping on the basement floor isn’t everyone’s idea of suitable accommodations and $200 for the privilege might strain the most liberal of pocketbooks, but with enough close friends and a few bottles of bubbly you have the means for a seriously good time. There’s enough parking outside to fit a bus plus easy access to the terminus of a Metro line that can whoosh you into DC in minutes.

Negotiable rent:
Pros: 2-bed, 2-bath, fully-furnished condo features beautiful hardwood floors, a fireplace, 42″ flatscreen TV (with cable), DVD player, and wireless internet capabilities. 3 beds and a foldable couch. Shared amenities include billiards, a ping pong table, impressive fitness center, and sauna. Cons: Fourteen miles away, but what’s a little commute to witness history.



~ by eaesthete on 12/27/08.

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