Wine, Women, Guns & Arias


As many times as I’ve heard it, my heart always goes into a veritable soar over Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” (Turandot) or  “O Mio Babbino Caro” (Gianni Schicchi)

Like many who love opera, I secretly suspected Giacomo Puccini of harboring a “tortured” soul; after all, who but a man in anguish could create such a heavenly aria around a cruel and emotionally cold princess who threatens death to an ardent suitor.

That throwback to idealized romance was dashed when troublesome facts emerged indicating the famed Italian composer was not a recluse suffering from unrequited love after all, but a man prone to appetites and pleasures who Hollister Hovey points out would frequently join his duck hunting friends and “go off together to womanize, to party, to drink and to shoot.” Not to mention, quarrel unmercifully if one of his comrades bested him. If he missed a shot, the story goes, everyone was instructed to miss right along with him.



~ by eaesthete on 12/22/08.

3 Responses to “Wine, Women, Guns & Arias”

  1. How perfectly ungentlemanly.

  2. I came to ask if you had met Hollister Hovey, a site that seems rather a simpatico destination (does that a sentence make and be sensical?).

    My shot has missed and all others must miss too. Alas..

    (I dislike opera, ostensibly, but Nessun Dorma is a spine-tingling and tear-welling exception that reminds me that I am a philistine who should open up his mind rather than create restrictive fictional prejudices)

    • Dear peacay,

      I have not made the acquaintance of the heralded Ms. Hovey, but we do seem to share a predilection for the dark (both in humor and templates).

      As for opera, it can be tantalizing, although I must agree there is something simply enthralling about Nessun Dorma. My only fear is that its become such a mass marketed commodity, it diminishes its rarefied air.

      And finally, as to dear Puccini, I was a bit crestfallen to learn he was anything but a tortured and solitary soul.

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