Tis the Season of Scorn

Here we are amidst the season of love and forgiveness and the liberals are in an uncharitable twist over Rick Warren’s invitation to pray at the inauguration of Barack Obama at the behest of the president-elect himself. While denouncements of traitor, turncoat and the always popular double crosser are being furiously hurled by the left and the GBLT constituency, (some are so upset it’s been reported, they’re threatening to throw shoes!) the errant aesthete recommends a measure of restraint before forming one of those crusty and ignoble opinions that can take years to dissolve.

Admittedly, I was jarred at the news like everyone else, but upon reflection, always prudent when in doubt, I realized this: Obama reiterated over and over throughout his campaign, ad nauseum many would note, that he wanted and fully intended to reach out to people on both sides of the aisle politically and socially to create an atmosphere where we can “disagree without being disagreeable.” Always a gentlemanly response. And this is what he is doing. Not a bad thing at an inauguration, I’d say, which is always more symbolic than actual and more flash than substance.

So let this simmer like a fine stew whose disparate ingredients often lead with strangely curious aromas only to be followed by a harmony of delectable blends. Willingness to compromise, to acknowledge an opponent’s grudges or another culture’s point of view is the modicum of strength, one that rabid ideologues and couch conservatives rarely enforce. Would we, after all, wish to be charged with a morality that is inflexible, change that is suspect or progress that is feared? [translation: definition of an evangelical].

Obama aspires to be the president of all of the United States, not just for those Democrats and Liberals who elected him. As distressed and yes, repulsed as I am by some of Warren’s views, I believe we cannot in good conscience exclude people who hold views different from our own as that simply fosters more of what we’ve come to know over these last brutally unenlightened years. We can alienate Conservatives, making them resentful, angry and vengeful – or we can help them feel more comfortable and downright hospitable. Is it folly to think we might just all get along for a mere moment?

Now, having made my peace, the errant aesthete reserves her inalienable right to shakes her fists and bellow at full throttle at the slightest suggestion Warren is being named to a Faith-based position in the Obama administration.



~ by eaesthete on 12/19/08.

One Response to “Tis the Season of Scorn”

  1. I was just watching this tonight… it is so sad what goes on in this world! :(

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