Proprieties of Proper Snow Removal

While our country continues to disintegrate in a cloud of greed, bloat, and blatant stupidity, marvels of practicality, transit and energy fuel efficiency are to be found in other more sensible parts of the world where preparation and planning are daily habits. Consider the care and feeding of Copenhagen’s roads and bike lanes, for example, particularly in the event of snow.

Keeping the bike lanes clear is important. Not least for safety. But it is also a practical issue. 80% of Copenhageners continue to ride throughout the winter. That’s roughly 400,000 people. If this massive group is somehow restricted in getting to work or school, imagine the chaos. Those who don’t drive will have to take a bus or a train. 400,000 extra people all of a sudden standing at busstops and train stations throughout the region would be a logistical nightmare and a transport chaos.

Parents would be late getting their kids to kindergarten or school. There would be lost man hours because of people arriving late or not at all. The bike lanes are kept clear for the most basic, practical reasons.

Did I mention that this biking capital of the world takes precautions in advance of storms? (Contrast: In the US, whole regions of the country are rendered uninhabitable for days at a time over one snowstorm that has been forecast for weeks). Or that they possess the inherently good grace to erect small shields protecting the shrubbery from getting splashed with salt?

God bless the Danes.



~ by eaesthete on 12/18/08.

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