Hide the Children, Santa’s Here

Much has been written on the merits of conducting oneself with deportment and breeding. Yes, reports of wanton excess are everywhere from the top tiers of finance to the local corridors of government. but do we really want to be so crass as to emulate them? Forgive my unsolicited view, but “spotless appearances” continue to be the hallmark of class, style and distinction now more than ever.

Just when it seems vulgarity couldn’t become more commonplace, it staged a highly visible comeback on this most hallowed of occasions — Christmas. Hide the children. Santa hit New York this past weekend. Or rather, hundreds of Santas did, all attired in traditional red suits and white beards, carrying the nontraditional MetroCard and occasional hip flask. It’s Santacon, when hordes of St. Nicks ride subways instead of reindeer, down pastrami and booze instead of cookies and milk, and create holly jolly mayhem in holiday stomping grounds like Central Park, Times Square and strip clubs. Check santacon.com for updates, or follow the trail of ho-ho-hos. “No Saints in Sight as These Santas Get Their Jollies,” by Alan Feuer for the New York Times.



~ by eaesthete on 12/17/08.

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