Exhibit: Marlene Dumas


The relation between art and female beauty, art and pornography, female models and models of art have been a constant theme for Marlene Dumas. Her work recalls the painterly gestures of Expressionism, whilst combining the critical distance of Conceptual art with the pleasures of eroticism. Some of her images are derived from polaroids of friends and lovers, others from glossy magazines and porno pictures. Through her delicately painted oil-on-canvas or ink-and-watercolour works on the female form as well as portraits of children and imagery from contemporary events, she comments on the state of painting today.

A retrospective exhibition of Marlene Dumas’ work will be on show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art from 7 December – 16 February 2009. Featured works: (Above: Passion 1994, Gouache and Ink on Paper 61 x 49cm) (Below: Lucy, 2004, Oil on canvas, 110 x 130 cm)



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