The Dependent Claus Martini


File a suit on Santa with this combo of mulled red wine, Cognac, Grand Marnier infused cream and a little piece of white chocolate – The Dependent Claus Martini as served at Sanafir Restaurant.

Perfect to serve as a liquid dessert! The comforting mulled wine flavours should set off a series of nostalgic Christmas Memories. Especially after the 2nd and 3rd round!! Recipe Follows:


1.5 oz Mulled Wine Reduction
1 oz Hennessy VS Cognac
1 oz Grand Marnier Infused Cream
Small Piece of White Chocolate

Mulled Wine Reduction:
300 ml Petit Syrah (or equally rich Red Wine)
400 ml Simple Syrup (a thick 50/50 mixture of sugar and water)
50 ml Fresh Orange Juice
¼ piece Nutmeg
¼ piece Cinnamon Stick
6 Cloves
3 pieces Star Anise


Bring all ingredients to a boil in a pan. This eliminates the alcohol in the wine, allowing for enhanced flavours. Once boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for about 40 minutes until you have a nice, thick, but still runny consistency. Makes about 150 mL.

Grand Marnier Infused Cream:
150 ml Thick Whipping Cream
15 ml Grand Marnier Liqueur

Whip the cream into a thicker state, as thick as possible while still being able to be poured.
Carefully burn the Grand Marnier in a shot glass for 30 seconds or so, to burn off the excess alcohol. This again allows for a more delicate flavour. Finally stir in the liqueur to the cream.

To a shaker full of ice, add:

1.5 oz Mulled Wine Reduction
1 oz Hennessy VS Cognac

Shake vigorously and strain into a Martini Glass.

Layer the Grand Marnier Cream slowly over the back of a spoon so as to float it neatly over the dark crimson liquid in the glass.

To finish, grate a small amount of White Chocolate over the glass with a fine grater. [Link]


~ by eaesthete on 12/08/08.

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