Bush Decamps

It seems our dearly departing president wasn’t such a cowboy after all. Could it be he has broken his dependence on brush clearing? It would seem so. Apparently war mongering proved manly enough for this most spineless of men who now feels entitled to retire like the privileged squire he is — with a cabana and servant’s quarters, leaving the rest of us to dwell in his ruins.

After spending countless time off during his tenure as president clearing the back forty at Crawford, Dubya and the missus have opted for the pleasures to be found in genteel southern living, specifically Preston Hollow, an upscale neighborhood of Dallas. Though not as grand as the White House, it is certainly more elaborate than what many of Bush’s constituents believe a more suitable destination: the modestly scaled down confines of Leavenworth.

That’s not to say the Bush’s are abandoning the Prairie Chapel Ranch (translate: Prop) altogether, only that like most deserving high rollers, the couple will divide their time between estates. The Errant Aesthete has it on good authority that guests will be welcome to stop by and chat with the former president in his new home. Raconteur that he is, we feel sure he will regale visitors, one and all, with his own singular version of revisionist history in the making.



~ by eaesthete on 12/08/08.

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