Shopper’s “Inside” Tip of the Season

When times get tough, the tough get smarter. And in an economic downturn, or would this be considered too far-gone gloom, nothing travels faster than a timely tip on how to score a bargain. Best of all, bargains these days are to be found not at the far corner of a crowded aisle, but at the end of your perfectly manicured fingers or gnawed-down nails, depending on your rapidly declining net worth. So pay close attention budget hounds. This is strictly entre nous.

The New York Times reports:

With online retail sales falling this month for the first time, Internet merchants are offering steep discounts to anyone willing to punch in a secret coupon code or visit a rebate site for a “referral” before loading up their virtual cart.

Shoppers obsessed with finding these bargains share the latest intelligence on dozens of sites with quirky names like, and the Budget Fashionista. And more consumers than ever are scanning the listings before making a purchase at their favorite Web site.

Some online shoppers are so good at this game that they almost never buy anything at full price, making them the digital era’s version of bargain hunters who used to spend hours clipping coupons to shrink their grocery bills.

Moral of this story: Get thee to a keyboard!



~ by eaesthete on 12/01/08.

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