Staging the “Con” in Confidence

From Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book “The Secret” to Oprah Winfrey’s claim in the current issue of O magazine that confidence is essential to winning, Americans seem to agree that confidence is a good thing, a healthy part of that pop-psych cure-all, self-esteem. With this obsession of style over substance infiltrating all aspects of our culture, James Hannaham for Salon argues that “the reigning queen of overreaching” Sarah Palin might be better suited for a star studded career in reality television than in mud-slinging politics.

“In an era of YouTube and 24-hour news cycles, nationally known politicians nowadays pretty much qualify as reality TV stars, so it doesn’t seem incongruous for someone like Sarah Palin to put on the same incredible displays of arrogance that have defined the genre. The vice-presidential candidate would be right at home among the overconfident dingbats of reality TV — “The Real World,” “Survivor,” “Rock of Love,” “Big Brother” or whichever ones you bother with. Ever since Richard Hatch won “Survivor” with his scheming arrogance, ever since Omarosa became a household name by stabbing fellow competitors in the back with an icy smile on her face, reality TV has been defined by calculating villains with more swagger than actual talent {our current president comes to mind}. These days, programs are entirely based around overconfidence as a selling point.”



~ by eaesthete on 11/01/08.

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