Frame Yourself for Success

Did you know that you could’ve been John McCain’s running mate? If this quote from “a friend” of Senator McCain’s campaign C.E.O. Rick Davis in Robert Draper’s New York Times Magazine article this week is to be believed, “The way you pick a vice president is, you get a frame of Time magazine, and you put the pictures of the people in that frame. You look at who fits that frame best — that’s your V. P.”

On December 25, 2006, Time helpfully printed a novelty cover with a mylar mirror when they declared “You” the magazine’s coveted “Person of the Year.”

Unfortunately, Governor Sarah Palin didn’t list Time among the “vast variety of sources” she reads during her interview with CBS News’ Katie Couric in September, so we’ll never know if she saw herself reflected in Time‘s plastic mirror.



~ by eaesthete on 10/29/08.

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