My Diesel

I lost my beloved Diesel today. He was fourteen and a half years old and the purest and truest love of my life. My world is stilled. My heart broken. My grief … eternal.




~ by eaesthete on 10/17/08.

3 Responses to “My Diesel”

  1. Whoever you are, thank you for this lovely and moving sentiment. Curious how one can find comfort in the unlikeliest of places. My deepest thanks.
    — the errant aesthete

    “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” Richard Bach

  2. Our beloved companions. They offer the greatest gift of all: unconditional love, sans baggage. Try to take comfort in hope that there is a heaven, full of sunny spots and cozy corners, without illness or the maladies of age. George Carlin once held up a kitten and said “See this? This is heartbreak waiting to happen”. Can’t escape the inevitable, but we wouldn’t give up the journey.

  3. Diesel was my favorite fur person too. I knew him from his kitten-hood. He had the sweetest nature, loudest purrr (hence his name, Diesel), and most insistent howl for food of any cat I’ve ever known. He often stayed with me when EA was out of town. Last spring he stayed a month…. I was going through a rough time with my work, so coming home to his eager loving welcome each afternoon helped to melt away my stress and put life back into perspective. I’d pick him up…. and let my hands sink into his soft fur and stroke his chin that he pushed into my hand… always offering himself to comfort….Of course, I knew he was also “buttering me up” so I’d get to the business of putting food in his bowl… but we were all taken in by his charms… Unlike most cats, Diesel liked to be held, and I loved holding him. The best time for me was when I’d lie on the sofa to watch a movie. Diesel would stretch his beautiful body across my chest and belly….. his adorable face facing mine…. he’d nuzzle my face with his nose and purrrr himself contentedly to sleep…… be still my heart…. life is indeed good. I will so so miss his dear sweet spirit….. When Shakespeare’s Juliet said …. “parting is such sweet sorrow”….. she hadn’t known the love and the loss of a beloved cat.

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