The Art of the Pixel

The wondrous art of the pixel.

Kirby’s Cupcake. A painting in the pixel-art-style. Created by Ashley Anderson.

Communication City. Pixorama ecity one more time. iPods seem to be pretty happy. The six birds too. But how did Fox get the msm gig?

Darth Vader. José Eduardo Contreras Moral designs Darth Vader.

Warrior Light. Yes, that’s pixel art. The colors and shading are incredibly smooth. The used palette has only 32 colors.



~ by eaesthete on 05/06/08.

4 Responses to “The Art of the Pixel”

  1. good to see you!
    nice post

  2. How funny that I do a google search for pixel art and the first thing that pops up is Kirby’s Cupcake, painted by none other than my good friend Ashley Anderson. I love the internet!

    Nice blog by the way.


    • Lovely comment! Thank you. While I don’t pretend to be an expert on
      pixel art, my choice and positioning of the cupcake was an obvious one.
      It is enchanting. How great that its creator is your friend and that the
      connection brought you here.


    do you have any advice for a Pixel Art
    n00b like myself?

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