The Story that Wasn’t

While the main stream media continues to skew stories according to their economic interests, an indefatigable champion for truth in journalism continues to dole out solid, top-of-the-line reporting and his latest installment is not to be missed.

This week in Salon, Glenn Greenwald reports that the NY Times expose of the Pentagon’s domestic propaganda program involving retired generals making frequent guest appearances to promote the administration’s view of the war, has not yet been picked up or covered by a single major news network raising questions surrounding their own behavior. Greenwald brought his case to the attention of Brian Williams, NBC’s highly-priced and perfectly coiffed anchorman (spokeman) for a response.



~ by eaesthete on 05/03/08.

2 Responses to “The Story that Wasn’t”

  1. I loathe when people say these things, but Glenn Greenwald always struck me as the left’s worst scold. Not good for much but harping on old grievances and reiterating them again and again until they become meaningless.

  2. Glenn Greenwald says so thus it must be so… anyone who disagrees will be summarily hammered down by sock-puppets.

    Ouch! Obviously not a Greenwald fan, but then again with a moniker like slaughter maybe you’re an equal opportunity slayer. Whatever the case, thanks for the post.

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