The Simpsons by Rembrandt

The portraits of Homer and Marge Simpson painted in the style of Rembrandt are, as kottke put it, “strangely mesmerizing.” [via link]


Artist: David Barton, Limpfish
[Ed. Note] Having learned the identity of the author just today, January 9, 2010, a clarification is in order. As other readers have noted, the style of the paintings are more in keeping, not with Rembrandt, who Mr. Barton cited and titled “The Simpsons by Rembrandt,” but another famed painter of the Renaissance, Johannes Vermeer. Specifically, The Girl With The Pearl Earring.




~ by eaesthete on 02/19/08.

9 Responses to “The Simpsons by Rembrandt”

  1. Marge is in the style of Vermeer. See esp. “Girl With a Pearl Earring.”

  2. Homer has never looked so noble. I really like him. The guy deserves it.

  3. What year was this painted?

    • I did a very peripheral search and couldn’t find that information. Perhaps a reader might know or you might try conducting a more extensive search.

      • I conducted a more extensive search; found the artist’s url in plain view at bottom of each image. The artist is David Barton, his site

      • Dearest Plingboot,

        I am in your inestimable debt in identifying the artist. This continues to be one of the most traversed of posts and in all this time, the creator’s identity has been unknown. Thank you for extending Mr. Barton his due.

  4. I love the renditions, who created them? Homer looks wired. I thought he stopped doing crystal meth. Nice pics.

    • And thank you Chris for that most refreshing comment. I honestly don’t know who created the
      images but it gets a big draw here. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. love the paintings, but they are not in the style of rembrandt, they (or at least marg) is in the style of vermeer.

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