Bert Stern Photo Exhibit

Bert Stern is one of the legendary figures in contemporary photography. Beginning September 27, 2007 at the Staley-Wise Gallery, Manhattan, his extraordinary collection of portraits of stars ranging from Audrey Hepburn to the spellbinding 1962 “last sitting” photographs of Marilyn Monroe form a gallery of the most beautiful women of our time.




In the 1960’s he became the American prototype of the fashion photographer as media star, and his pictures of models from Twiggy to Iman have become icons to a new generation of photographers.



In his book, “The Last Sitting,” Stern commented, “I was preparing for Marilyn’s arrival like a lover, and yet I was here to take photographs. Not to take her in my arms, but to turn her into tones, and planes, and shapes, and ultimately an image for the printed page.”


Marilyn Monroe: from the Last Sitting, 1962




~ by eaesthete on 09/18/07.

One Response to “Bert Stern Photo Exhibit”

  1. Thank you share some of Mr. Stern’s photos. I worked for him in the early 70’s at Libra Product’s in N.Y.

    One day he brought me a Black and White photo of Marilyn Monroe from “The Last Sitting.” This was after I expressed my love of his photographs of her and how he captured an inner part of her.

    He said, here take it, its your’s. I was overwelmed and thanked him as he walked away.

    I still have the photo. Mr. Stern never signed the photo but just the fact that he gave it to me means more then anyone will know!!!

    He has a special talent.


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