Architectural Avatars


Vulcania Museum, St. Ours les Roches, France, by Hans Hollein

Unusually for a photographer of Raymond Meier’s level, he’s as comfortable, not to mention skilled, at shooting fashion as he is architecture. And it’s in celebration of this ambidextrous skill that Wallpaper International Design compiled some of their favourites from his architecture portfolio.


Sendai Mediatheque, Japan by Toyoto Ito


~ by eaesthete on 09/15/07.

One Response to “Architectural Avatars”

  1. can some one plz give more information about the structure of sendau mediatheque it’s urgent

    There seems to be quite a lot on information on this structure. For starters:

    Toyo Ito, 2001

    The Mediatheque is located on a tree-lined avenue in Sendai, its transparent facade allowing for the revelation of diverse activities that occur within the building. Along this main facade the six 15.75-inch-thin floor slabs seem to be floating within the space connected only by the 13 vertical tube steel lattice columns that rise up from ground floor to roof, similar to the trunks of trees of a forest.

    The tubes are both structure and vector for light and all of the utilities, networks and systems that allow for technological communication and vertical mobility, including elevators and stairs. Each vertical shaft varies in diameter and is independent of the facade, allowing for a free form plan which varies from floor to floor. MORE TO BE FOUND HERE:



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